Learn How To Use The Geeklog CMS System

The most important element of any web business is content. If you have been around the Internet marketing world for any length of time you have no doubt heard the expression “content is king”. Well it is absolutely true! That is true weather you are building a content website or selling a digital product.

A great way to build your content is to set up a site where others can contribute their thoughts or stories to your readers. This gives you free content with no effort required on your part (other than moderation of that content).

Constantly changing content brings the search engines crawling and improves your rankings in those search engines, thus increasing your profits (be it Adsense, CPA or product sales). As long as your content is related to the topic of your site you will attract the right type of visitors.

That is why you need to use a content management system rather than a blog.

Having the right content management system makes all of this a breeze. Having one that is powerful yet simple and intuitive is the key.

And the CMS I suggest you use is Geeklog.

Geeklog encompasses all of the elements I went over above. It is extremely powerful but remarkably easy to set up and maintain.

In this four part video series you will learn everything you need to know to set up your Own Geeklog Site in less than an hour!

Video #1:  Install Geeklog watch now

Video #2:  Site Setup watch now

Video #3:  Setup Continued watch now

Video #4:  Plugins And Themes watch now


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