How To Set Up Your Own Reseller Hosting Business For Free

Everyone that wants to carry on any kind of serious business on the internet requires web hosting. There simply is no way around it. This website you are reading now is hosted on a server somewhere out there on the “World Wide Web”.

Every site that you ever visited, no matter how big or small either has their own servers or rents server space from someone else.

The good news is that hosting for small business does not carry a prohibitive cost like it did a decade ago. This has opened the doors to anyone who wants to get started.

Now think about having your own reseller hosting service!

You could grab a hold of that huge startup market, and
it won’t cost you anything.

Here is how to jump start your new service. Give hosting away for free.

That’s right. You can set up fully featured hosting packages, including free packages. Set up a fully featured free package, but limit the number of databases, email accounts, disk space, and bandwidth so that it is good for starters but will need an upgrade when the customer’s traffic grows.

You start giving away free hosting from your blog, forum signatures, or anywhere else you want. This will get you a steady flow of traffic.

Offer a paid package with more features for cheap (say $19.95 per year or $1.99 per month).

Once your free customers outgrow the free plan they will be more than happy to sign up for your paid plan rather than move everything.

That is a dead simple way to make some decent recurring income.

People will flock to your free hosting offer. Put the offer up on your blog and your blog will get tons of traffic from people looking for free hosting. Monetize your blog to make some more income!

Your only expense is to register a domain name. That will cost you less than $12 per year!

Here is just some of what you will learn:

How to register a domain
How to set up custom nameservers
How to set up hosting packages
How to integrate payment processors
How to set up and install your reseller site
and lots more…

This video series is going to show you everything you need to know about setting up your own reseller hosting business.

Video #1:  Introduction watch now

Video #2:  Choose A Domain Name and Account Signup watch now

Video #3:  Basic Configuration watch now

Video #4:  Back End Configuration watch now

Video #5:  Back End Configuration (continued) watch now

Video #6:  Reseller Site Setup watch now

Video #7:  Design Your Reseller Site watch now

Video #8:  Setup Test watch now

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