How To Set Up Your Own Membership Site

Creating a recurring online income is something every internet marketer would like to accomplish. Just think about it. Make the sale once and receive payments for "X" months. Who wouldn’t want that?

The mistake most people make is that they think it is too hard or too expensive for them to set up. 

Nothing could be further from the truth!

First of all let’s deal with the "too expensive" part. You will be using powerful free scripts that do everything you need. That leaves you with only the cost of the domain name and web hosting. Domains can cost as little as  $1.99 per year, and hosting is available for under $6.00 per month..

As part of your internet business you need to be prepared to spend money on a domain name and hosting. It is hard to succeed without those. But once you have those resources the rest of the process is free.

I will show you how to get the whole thing set up within a couple of hours. All you have to do after that is start adding content!

The S2member plugin looks after everything for you; from payments to security. You will be able to secure your pages and files from the general public, and specify which member levels get access to which files.
Once you have it set up you have a dynamic and secure platform that looks after payments, delivery, and member management (purchases and cancellations).

You will be able to set up an optional free level and up to four paid levels, so this solution will fit most businesses needs.

These Videos will show you how to get your membership site setup today!

Video #1: Introduction watch now

Video #2: Installing Plugins and Themes watch now

Video #3: S2member General Settings Setup watch now

Video #4: S2member Restriction Options watch now

Video #5: Download Areas and Restriction Options watch now

Video #6: Download Restrictions (continued) watch now

Video #7: Theme Modifications watch now

Video #8: Setting Up Redirection watch now

Video #9: Setting Up Your Payment Flow watch now

Video #10: Payment Test watch now

Video #11: Finishing Up watch now

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