How To Set Up A Web Site Using Responsive Design

You probably already know this because you are likely doing it yourself. It has come increasingly common for people to check whatever they need to check, or do their web tasks on their mobile devices. There is no getting around it anymore; you must have a website that is optimized for mobile devices as well as desktops / laptops.

Fortunately it is not as hard as you think!

Imagine creating one website that looks great on any device that takes absolutely no extra work than if you were just creating it for a personal computer. Well it is possible, and even quite easy. The great thing is somebody already did the hard work for us. They made the themes with built in responsive design. All we have to do is add our own content and tweak them a bit.

We will be using WordPress and certain themes, as well as performing some tweaks to get the site looking the way we want.

This video series is going to show you everything you need to know about creating websites with responsive design using all free resources and tools.

Video #1: Introduction watch now

Video #2: Install WordPress watch now

Video #3: Preparing WordPress watch now

Video #4: Setting Up The Content watch now

Video #5: Setting Up The Theme watch now

Video #6: Site Design (continued) watch now

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