How To Set Up A Secure Digital Products Store

Owning your own e-commerce store can be a very lucrative venture. Just look at They make a killing selling physical and digital products on line. Their digital side is growing in leaps and bounds.

You can do that too – really. Just like any other business venture all you need is a good product and people visiting your store.

Since your store will be on line it can basically run itself. No need to worry about shipping and payment handling as everything is automatically handled digitally. You don’t have to stock it (other than uploading digital products to your site).

One of the concerns people have about selling digital products is about product protection. In the early days of selling online people would send buyers straight to their download page after payment. However that leads to people sharing the download link and a loss of sales. No worries here though; a full download protection system is built in.

This video series will show you how to set up your store using WordPress and a shopping cart plugin that handles the entire process.

Video #1: Install WordPress watch now

Video #2: Install Theme and Plugins watch now

Video #3: Set Up The Store Backend watch now

Video #4: Finishing Up watch now

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