How To Create A Secured Online eBook

If you are an information publisher, you know that the traditional way to deliver content is to send buyers to a download page and have them download the content. That’s all well and good usually, but let’s face it, there are some scum bags out there that just want to steal your content. They either will use it for their own use and ask for a refund after delivery, or they will resell it or place it on black hat forums.

Let me tell you, that really infuriates me! The world is just to big for me to go pay them a visit.

Fortunately there is a way to deal with this!

The solution is a bit non-traditional for text based content, but nonetheless, it is simple to implement and free to do. What I am talking about is a SECURED online ebook.

What that means is that they pay for the e-book, and then are sent login information where they can access the content. Their login identity is unique to them. Now let’s face it, nothing is 100% secure. After all even banks get hacked sometimes. But this is going to be secure enough to detract 99% of the people who buy your product from trying to do nefarious things.

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