Easy Resell Rights Setup

You really want to make some money with your resale rights products, so you purchase a package and you download the content, only to discover that you need a degree in math and computer science to get the damn thing set up.

There are few if any instructions and better still you don’t get any information on how to connect the buttons, the downloads, the autoresponder series, nothing! Let’s face it. All you want at this point is to upload the thing, set up a few settings like your payment link, your web links and your list to add subscribers to and just go, go, go!

Its so frustrating and annoying when its clear all the seller wanted was the green in his/her bank account and screw your potential success.

Its a fact. Resale Rights Plus New Angles Plus More Bonuses equals MORE PROFITS! Our free report will of already shared this concept with you, but we want to make sure that you learn every step of the sales funnel process when setting up your Resale Rights Package, so we left no stone unturned in our training.

How much money have you LOST in the past few months alone from purchasing products with resale rights but not setting them up and selling them?

Even if you purchased products at $40 each and had purchased just 5 in recent weeks/months, you could of made many times your investment back by now if you knew just how to set them up correctly.

Once you follow our in-depth guide, you will have your set ups down to an hour or less, or you could even show these videos to a virtual assistant and have them churning them out for you on auto pilot 🙂 For someone who knows what they are doing, setting up these products is a piece of cake, but if you are not in the know, how are you ever going to make sales?

Start Watching the Videos Today & Begin Converting Investments into Sales!

Video #1: Introduction watch now

Video #2: Domain Name watch now

Video #3: The Hosting Account watch now

Video #4: The Nameserver Set up watch now

Video #5: Essential tools You Need watch now

Video #6: How to FTP watch now

Video #7: Preparing to Autorespond watch now

Video #8: Unzip those files and prepare for WAR! watch now

Video #9: Upload that Package watch now

Video #10: Setup Squeeze Form watch now

Video #11: Pay me with PayPal watch now

Video #12: Go on a Spending Spree with Payspree watch now

Video #13: Quick Check watch now

Video #14: The Sales Funnel Switch watch now

Video #15: Bonus 1 – Alternative Sales Funnel Part1watch now

Video #16: Bonus 1 – Alternative Sales Funnel Part2 watch now

Video #17: Bonus 2 Switch Your List watch now

Video #18: Bonus 3 Add Links to Resource Files watch now

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