Easily Create a Membership Site with WordPress

Basically, if you’ve got a hobby or an interest…there are other people with the same hobby and the same interest who will be willing to pay you, every month, for a place to further their interests and meet other people who share the share it. 

It probably sounds too good to be true, but it’s really not.  That’s not to say that it’s easy or that it’s free because it’s not.  It’s going to cost you less than $100 but it’s not free…

Keep in mind that other sites on the web will teach you how to build a highly-profitable membership website also…and they’ll gladly charge you $500 – $5,000 to do it.  They’ll sell you highly complicated (and surprisingly limited) software to do it too…

Using WordPress as the foundation of your membership site just makes sense.  While other sites charge you a small fortune for proprietary software that runs your membership site (until it randomly decides to not run your membership site…because, let’s face it, most software breaks down every now and then), WordPress is free.

WordPress is also open-source, which means that some of the greatest programmers in the world are working together to keep WordPress running in tip-top condition at all times.  They’re not being paid to take care of WordPress, they’re doing it because they love it.

Beyond the basic WordPress setup, which is free, your membership-riches do require a plug-in that costs around $25.00…The plug-in is something that’s widely available and, in fact, you can certainly buy it and download it on your own.  All you’ll have to do then is install and configure it…

Here’s what you’re going to find inside the package:

· Step-by-step instructions that will have your membership site up and going in less than one hour.

· The crucial settings your need to ENSURE are correctly established to keep your membership-only materials safe from the prying eyes of non-members.

· A super-easy way to maximize your membership profit by offering up to four different paid levels plus an optional free level.

· Cash in with many different currencies…You’re not limited to U.S. Dollars and you’ll see exactly how to set it up.

This video package makes it so easy to install and set-up a membership site using WordPress that a monkey can do it (I was going to prove this with a monkey but I found out that there are some funny laws about monkeys and membership sites…)

Video #1:  Install WordPress And Plugins watch now

Video #2:  Members Area Setup watch now

Video #3:  Setup Continued watch now

Video #4:  Add Content And Test watch now

Video #5:  Custom Capabilities watch now


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